Julia Gomelskaya, well-known ukrainian composer.

The Works


"Major-Major" for brass quintet 6'48"
"Major-Major" version for wind quintet 6'48"
"in the stream of pulsed LYRA" Chamber symphony for string orchestra (Vn9.Va3.Vc3.Db1) 12'
"Ukrainochka" for orchestra of folk instruments 5'


"Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku" transcription of folk song for brass quintet 4'
"Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku" transcription of folk song for wind quintet 4'
"Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku" transcription of folk song for trumpet quintet 4'
"WINTER PASTORAL" for trumpet quintet 4'
"Writing to Onegin. One more try" version for female voice, viola, cello, marimba and harp, poems by Ruth Padel (in English) 7'38"
"Writing to Onegin. One more try" for female voice and cello, poems by Ruth Padel (in English) 7'38"


SYMPHONY #2 "UKRAINE FOREVER" for orchestra (picc.\\3 perc.\harp\p-no\strings) 26'
"Flashbacks Of a Tired Popstar" novels for bass-baritone, violin and piano, poems by Karl Maria Kinsky (in English, German) 11'55"
"Wings of East Wind" for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano 8'38"
"DiaDem" N3 for bandura and bajan 7'18"


"CONCERTO GROSSO" for violin and strings 18'11"
"ukRAINian BALLAD" for soprano and tuba 5'11"


"TRACE OF TRUMPET" for trumpet and piano 6'20"
"JAB-JAZZ" for trombone, piano and 1 percussion player 7'40"
"Charms of a Lonely Fiery-Bird or Well Digitized Bandura" for bandura and tape 7'11"


CONCERT for piano and string orchestra 21'45"
"AtomAnatomy" for 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 4horns, 3trbe, 3trni, tuba, timp, 3perc, pno, harp, strings 10'30"
"STRIMPELLATA-Sounds" Chamber Symphony for flute, oboe,clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, cello and double-bass 19'50"
"the only hint..." for clarinet in B 3'00"


"Through Crystals of Gothic Mosaic" for flute\alto flute, violoncello, piano 13'30"
"Calling the Sun" for 2 pianos 7'00"
"Whispering, speaking, singing..." for mixed choir (SATB) (in English, in Ukrainian) 7'00"
"O Vstrechnom"-message for piano 2'00"
"Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku" transcription of folk song for mixed choir (SATB), (in Ukrainian) 4'00"
"GUTSULKA-DANCE" version for 2 pianos and 2 percussion players 7'07"
"GUTSULKA-DANCE" for piano and one percussion player 7'07"


"UKRAJINOCHKA" for piano 4'20"
"dive deep in a rhythm-risk-riot..." for violin, violoncello and piano 9'50"
"Rhythmus" for double bass and piano 7'50"


"MY SISTER-NIGHT" for mezzo, flute\alto flute, piano, poems by Dolly Radford (in English) 14'14"
"SymPhobia" symphony for orchestra (\\3 perc.\harp\p-no\strings) 18'


"WINTER PASTORAL" version for vocal quartet (SATB), verses by Boris Pasternak, translation by L.Pasternak-Slater (in English) 5'
"DiaDem" for flute and piano 9'16"
"DiaDem" N2 for violin and cello 6'55"
"the only hint..." for flute solo 2'30"
"CARL and CLARA" for clarinet and piano 10'46"


"VITAE MUSICA" (concert of symbols) for mixed choir (SSAATTBB) and piano (2 players), poems by Roman Brodavko (in Ukrainian, in English) 15'
"EcHorn" for horn solo and piano (with using strings of the piano) 7'37"


"DiaDem" for flute and harp
"OUT OF GRAVITATION" for soprano, flute\alto flute and piano, poems by Gwyneth Lewis (in English) 13'10"
"THE RIOT" for wind and percussion ensemble (\\2 perc.) 11'30"
"THE TRIUMPH OF ADRENALINE" for trombone and one percussion player 8'10"
"BARVA" for bandoura solo 4'


"THE TRAP FOR TWO" for saxophones soprano and alto (or for clarinet in Es and clarinet in B) 7'01"
"...herbarium...music of recalls.." for violin, viola and cello 8'21"
"BEHIND THE SHADOW OF SOUND" for violin and bayan 10'40"
"DABUBA-PA" for violin solo 9'15"


"THE DIVINE SARAH" opera-scene for mezzo-soprano and piano, libretto by Michael Irwin (in English) 26'
"SYNOPSIS OF SYMMETRIES" for flute, violin, viola and cello 11'
"SEVEN TOUCHES" for piano 20'10"


"ZIG-NET-ZAG" for clarinet/bass clarinet, cello and two pianos 18'
"ITHRON-PHONIUM" for symphony orchestra (pic.2fl.\2ob.engl-horn.\2cl.b-cl.\2bsn.c-bsn\\5 perc.\harp\pno\strings) 10'


"JANE EYRE" ballet for small symphonic orchestra (\\1 perc.\harp\p-no\strings) 90'
"FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL" for string quartet 10'
"WAITING" for mezzo-soprano and piano, verses by Jennie Fontana (in English) 10'
"Anne Boulynne" short opera for singers and piano, libretto by Stephen Playce (in English) 13'


"MEMENTO VITAE" for symphony orchestra (\\2 perc.\harp\strings) 9'10"
"FLUTE VERS-INVERSIONS" for flute and tape 6'48"
"KURT-REMINISCENCES" for wind orchestra (2 fl(1=picc.),2 cl, alto-sax in Es, tnr-sax in B, 2 bsn, 2 trmpt, 1 trne, tuba, 1 perc. player, piano) 7'32"
"TEAR-STAINED AUTUMN" for soprano and piano, verses by Anna Akhmatova (in Russian) 10'
"SENTIMENTAL SERENADE" for bassoon and piano 4'47"
"BAGATELLE" for horn and piano 3'00"
"WINTER PASTORAL" for choir a cappella, verses by Bori? Pasternak, translation by L.Pasternak-Slater (in English) 5'00"
"FORGOTTEN RITUAL" for flute, alto-saxophone, piano and 1 percussion player 6'30"


"N-QUARTET" for string quartet 6'
"DIPHONIUM" for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, double bass. 7'
"FLORIDAS" for small symphony orchestra (1.1.1.sax.tnr\2 perc.\harp\p-no\strings) 13'40"
"PHONIUM-FOLK" for flute, violin, cello and piano 9'36"


"SAXONOME.APOLOGIA" for alto-saxophone and ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano) 13'
"UNWHISPERED WORDS" chamber cantata for soprano, flute and piano, verses by Olena Matushek(in Ukrainian) 14'


"EXLIBRIS" for violin and symphony orchestra\\3 perc.\harp\strings 18'
"SPRING VERSES" chamber cantata for children's choir, violin, percussion and piano(in Ukrainian) 15'


"IN MODO SKETCH" for cello and piano 13'


"FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL" vocal cycle for baritone and piano, verses by David Samojlov (in Russian) 9'


"POEM-OVERTURE" for symphony orchestra\\3 perc.\harp\strings 11'


"IN OPPOSITION" for string quartet 13'
Fantasia on themes of "Porge and Bess" opera by G.Gershwin for violin, cello and piano 13'


"SHOUT" chamber cantata for baritone, violin, cello and piano, prose by Yurij Bondarev(in Russian) 12'


Sonata for violin and piano 22'

The Biography

Dr. Julia Gomelskaya is a Ukrainian composer. She was born in 1964. Graduated from Simpheropol Tchaikovsky Music College (Ukraine) as a pianist with distinction in 1983, then – graduated from Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy (Ukraine) under Prof. A.Krasotov obtaining a Diploma in Composition with distinction in 1990. She won the 1st prize in the Ukrainian National composers' competition named after Prokofiev (1993), the 3rd prize in the International Women composers' competition (Kiev, Ukraine, 1995), the 1st prize at the 2nd International Composition Contest of Comines (Belgium, 2003), the 1st prize at the 35th Concours International de Chant Choral 2006 (Florilege de Tours, France, 2006). In 1994 she continued her education at the international composers' workshop of the Gaudeamus foundation (Amsterdam, 1994).

In 1995 she was awarded a fellowship for the postgraduate study by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London). She has received the Master of Music Degree in Composition with distinction under Prof. R.Saxton (City University of London). Whilst at GSMD she won all six composition prizes including Lutoslawski Prize (Chester Music Publishers) and two of her pieces have been published by GSMD as a compulsory element of the audition process.

She has participated in numerous international festivals and forums in Ukraine and abroad: in Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, USA, China, Hungary, including ISCM World Music Days (Croatia 2011, Sweden 2009, Switzerland, 2004, Hong Kong, 2002, Luxembourg, 2000), 48 la Biennale di Venezia 2004 (Italy), FMF Schweiz 2000, 2002, 2003, 2009 (Switzerland), Spitalfields Festival 1996, 1997, Opera and Theatre Lab 1996, Mayfield Festival 2000 (UK). Her music was performed at Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room (London, 1998, 2001, 2002), "Gran Teatre del Liceu" (Barcelona, 2002). Her chamber opera "The Divine Sarah" (performed by British mezzo Sarah Walker, libretto by Michael Irwin) was recorded by BBC Radio 3 (UK) in 2002. In May 2008 her ballet Jane Eyre was staged (10 performances) by London Children's Ballet at the Peacock Theatre, London.

She has PhD in Music Art. Professor of composition at the Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy. Author of more than 70 works in genres of academic music: symphonic, ballet, chamber, choir, vocal and electronic music. Her compositions have been published by Sordino Ediziuns Musicalas (Switzerland) and by GSMD and Micropress (UK), and produced on CDs. She has recordings on the BBC Radio3 and on the New European Radio. She is a member of the Ukrainian National Composers' Union and of the Ukraine section of ISCM.

Laureate of the B.Liatoshynskyj Prize of the Ukrainian Ministry for Culture (2011). Laureate of Odessa Municipal Prize 2006.

Her commissions include the ballet Jane Eyre for the London children's Ballet which received its first performance at the Wimbledon Theatre (London) in May 1997;

From the Bottom of the Soul string quartet for the Spitalfields Festival 1997 (London) for the Yggdrasil Quartet from Sweden;

Waiting for Sarah Walker and Malcolm Martineau for the Wigmore Hall 1997/98 season in London;

The Divine Sarah opera-scene for Sarah Walker for the Mayfield Festival 2000;

Zig-Net-Zag for the Ensemble Klangheimlich for the concert programmes for 1999 in Berne and Zurich (Switzerland);

Seven Touches for piano for Franziska Rieder, 2000 (Switzerland);

The Riot for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama wind orchestra by BASBWE Education Trust for the British Music Academies Festival 2001 (London, UK);

Out of Gravitation (2002) for Amaltea Ensemble (Switzerland);

The hint only... for Mario Caroli for Spaziomusica Festival 2003 (Italy);

My sister-night (2004) for Amaltea Ensemble (Switzerland);

Through Crystals of Gothic Mosaic (2006) for Amaltea Ensemble (Switzerland);

Strimpellata-Sounds (2007) for Strimpellata Ensemble (Switzerland);

ukRAINian BALLAD (2009) for Franziska Welti and Leo Bachmann (Switzerland);

Trace of Trumpet (2008) for the "V International Myron Starovetskyi Competition for young trumpeters "Competition trumpeters" (Ukraine);

Flashbacks Of a Tired Popstar (2010) for Rupert Bergmann (Austria);

Writing to Onegin. One More Try (2011) for Franziska Welti and Moritz Müllenbach (Switzerland).

The Contacts

Chernomorskogo Kazachestva 43, Apt 20, Odessa 65003, Ukraine

phone: +38 048 741 39 37

cellular: +38 066 719 84 54

e-mail: jgomelsk@ukr.net